Our Culture


To create value and inspire innovation, enabling our business partners to thrive.

Promote Diversity of Thought and Collaboration

Openness and diversity are critical to our success. Sharing information and seeking diverse perspectives are at the foundation of all decisions. We understand that speaking our mind requires equal parts brains (what to say), thoughtfulness (when to say it), and caring (how it’s said). We address problems early and together. This is how we succeed as a team.

Celebrate Each Other

Celebrate our accomplishments and time spent working together, make each other better, cheer loudly about our individual and collective brilliance.

Emphasize Solutions

No matter how big or small an obstacle, we always find a way through.


It’s a powerful thing to work in a company where your contributions in thought and action matter. The Enrich team encourages everyone to get in the game and engage in thinking about tomorrow and where we take technology in the future.

Embrace the customer

Customer success is our success. Maintaining the customer perspective is paramount.

Be a Valued Business Partner

Educate, advise, and seek to understand our partners’ unique challenges.

Provide specialized and effective solutions and service of the highest quality.

Drive Value in All We Do

Continuously expand our industry knowledge.

Progress innovations, efficiencies, and technologies.

Focus on what is most important to our customers.

Develop strategic partnerships that benefit our customers.

Elevate People

Ask questions, listen, engage, and communicate with clarity.

Hire and develop brilliant people who dig in and channel their energy to living our shared values.

Value individual and team contributions.

The People Who Make Us Tick

The people who make our organization successful are creative, flexible, and they love diving into challenges. They believe that the only way we will be successful is to work together in the spirit of bringing the best solutions to our customers.

Our superstars are multi-talented and take the initiative to share their unique talents and abilities. They are never afraid of taking on new challenges and doing what’s necessary to meet our customers’ needs.

“Eric and the management team at Enrich have created the crossover of the virtual open office concept plan without the distractions or pitfalls of the true open office concept.

The company is building a culture of cohesiveness and collaboration where we are all engaged and can rely on each other where and when needed.”

Karen, Implementation Consultant

“What I have been most struck by since joining Enrich is the commitment that every person has to creating something special. Every employee has opportunity every day to contribute, and we all work incredibly hard to make this company the best it can be.”


Management Team



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What We Offer

We’re committed to bringing you the best work experience.

Extensive health care coverage, including dental, for ultimate flexibility.

Access to a library of over 15,000 e-learning courses through LinkedIn Learning.
Work when and where you’re at your best. Remote work options and flexible schedules are always in fashion.
Have an impact. Whether performing on the front lines or working magic behind the scenes, every single person is an integral part of making Enrich Software Corp. the vendor of choice for our customers.

Careers at Enrich

Do I need to live in Calgary, where your head office is located, to join Enrich?

Nope. We do love seeing our team members in person, but we offer remote work arrangements where it makes sense. Our focus is on finding the best people for our roles.

Where are Enrich employees working during COVID-19?

The health and safety of our employees are our highest priorities at all times. As health and government guidance permits, we are welcoming team members back to the Calgary office. However, we continue to offer a choice to employees. For those who feel more productive and collaborative at home, remote arrangements continue to be possible. Special circumstances may require in person attendance, and we’ll make it happen when it makes sense!

Does Enrich provide VISA sponsorship?

At this time, we are only considering applicants who are currently legally eligible to work in the country where the job is based (Canada and US).

Where can I learn more about Enrich’s employee benefits?

You can find a high-level overview of the benefits here. You can also request further details from our recruitment team during the interview process.

Where can I learn more about Enrich’s culture?

Click here to read more about our core purpose, strategic anchors, and our core values.

What are the next steps once I’ve submitted my application?

If you have the experience and skills we are looking for, a member of our team will reach out to you. We conduct between 1-3 interviews, and sometimes a role-specific assignment. This process is a great opportunity for us to learn about each other. If it turns out that it’s deemed to not be the perfect fit, we will notify you as quickly as we can. Our aim is to provide lots of transparency. Our needs are constantly evolving and we encourage you to keep an eye on our website and continue to apply to roles you are qualified for and interested in.

What does it take to succeed at Enrich?

Our superstars are those who take the bull by the horns, roll up their sleeves, and get their hands dirty … which means we’re not afraid to dig into challenges to come up with the best solution. We are a team of brilliant problem solvers. That’s what we do. We solve problems for our customers. Our customers’ success will always be our success and we take that job very seriously.