Enrich PTF 642 Available

Enrich is pleased to launch PTF Release 642. There are a number of improvements in this release, including:

    • A new screen shows debt note interest split when there is more than one facility, and an indicator tells you that there is more than one posting detail.
    • Insurance certificates now provide blanket coverage for substitutes; therefore, we now allow substitutes to pass the insurance checking when allowed on an insurance policy.
    • You can search for work orders and invoices by customer PO number.
    • Equipment sale status appears on the edit and display of regular and sublet-only work order screens.
    • You can set trailer limits/unit limits on the customer master to be used for credit checking.
    • You can place customers on hold based on the percentage of the AR balance by aging bucket.

Complete information about the PTF 642 release can be found in the Highlights document and the Enrichments document.

Please contact the Help Desk at 403-297-1682 or help@richer.ca if you have any questions or would like to schedule your upgrade.