Bar Coding

Encrypted order numbers & line activity in the barcodes for work orders • Printable parts & shelf labels for easy entry of parts during work order & inventory count processing

Equipment Maintenance and Materials Management

Aftermarket parts cost recovery • Inventory management • Reimbursement claims tracking system • Customized preventive maintenance programs • Robust work order processing

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Electronic Time Keeping

Real-time employee task time recording • Accurate data capture • Integrated payroll systems • Work order time tracking • Precise overtime, training, sick days & vacation time tracking

Fuel Billing

Definable customer & unit fuel markups • Quick & easy fuel invoicing • Automatic fuel ticket association with trip records • Streamlined reconciliation process


The full functionality of the enrich program is securely available over the Internet. With minimal technical requirements, enrich can be deployed cost effectively at all of your locations. The requirements to set up each location are no more than an appropriate Internet connection scaled to the location, along with computers and printers based on the needs of your location.

The answer is simple… enrich!

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